After the announcement from Chris Pugsley that he is tending to stand down as Chairman at the end of the season, Josh Barton of spoke to Chairman-elect Steve Mills.

Josh Barton: Hi Steve, as your new role as chairman of Weymouth Football Club where do you aim on taking the club and what are your long term ambitions?

Steve Mills: We all want promotion. Our club deserves to be playing at a higher level. But just because we’re a big club with the best fans it doesn’t mean we can just turn up and roll other teams over and I’m sure the new manager will be well aware of this.  I’d like to see some young local talent come through but our attitude towards a youth section has been appalling in recent years which is why we are working hard to rectify this. We’d love to get local businesses involved with the club and again this is something that we’re looking in to.

JB: Is there any need to make radical changes or is it a case of carrying on where Chris Pugsley left off?

SM: Well we’re changing the manager and you don’t get much more radical than that.

JB: What’s the most important characteristics you’ll be looking for in a new manager?

SM: Someone who appreciates the massive potential at our club and understands our expectations and gives 100%.

JB: Any words for Chris as he leaves his role?

SM: Chris is a great guy who’s done a magnificent job at the club and I think he should have got more appreciation for the tireless work he did for our club. He is and will always be a good friend of mine.

JB: We know you are a long time fan of the Terras. Will you be the sort of chairman that stands with the supporters, as you do now? 

SM: Whenever possible but there are a multitude of tasks the board have to do on match days. But make no mistake I am a supporter first and foremost.

JB: Have you got a message for the Weymouth supporters?

SM: Best supporters in our league by miles. Loved the Fleetwoods on fire song at Basingstoke. The guys had the place rocking. It’s no secret I enjoy a pint and a chat so if any supporter wants to join me down my local for a few please don’t hesitate. But be warned, it’s your round.

JB: How would you say the fans are most encouraged to get involved with the club and how to have their say most constructively?

SM: Talk to me.

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