This week Adam Purchase from spoke to Ashley Wells after the long serving defender had renewed his contract with the club.

Adam Purchase: Being our longest serving player and now signing on for next season, what makes you want to come back every year?

Ashley Wells: Everything makes me want to come back; the fans are the best they turn up in force home or away. The pitch is one of the best pitches I’ve played on not that it suits me, I’m more a bobble ground so when I miss kick it I have an excuse, it’s also my home town club.  I watched them as a kid, grew up following them so it’s a great privilege to play for my hometown club.

AP: How do you think this season has gone for yourself and as a team?

AW: As a whole I think we all know it was a disappointing season where we under achieved massively, but we had two good cup runs. Personally I feel at the start I was injured and it was a bit stop start, but I feel towards the second half of the season I was playing well so I hope to continue that on to next year.

AP: Do you think you’ve developed as a player over the course of the season?

AW: Yes, playing with the players in this team has makes me a better player also being coached by Mose helps a lot. I’ve learnt a lot from Zubes as well.

AP: Out of your teammates, who’s the longest in the shower?

AW: Coops but that’s usually because the lads pour more shampoo in his hair.

AP: What’s your favourite menu item on the Wetherspoons gourmet grill section?

AW: BBQ chicken melt

AP: Who did you idolise as you were growing up?

AW:  I idolised Ryan Giggs, he’s such a great player to watch.

AP: Having been at the club for around 6 seasons you must of had some memorable moments however, what is your favourite moment whilst playing for the Terras?

AW: Winning supporters player in my first full season as it was chosen by the people who pay to come and watch you is a great achievement, knowing that you’re doing a good job representing them.

AP: As you work in the town does that inspire you to work harder for the Terras on and off the pitch?

AW: I give hundred per cent anyway I always put in everything I’ve got but yes, it does as you see a lot of supporters and Tuney often has a pop at me when I haven’t done too well.

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