TERRAS’ favourite Ashley Wells insists there is “no need to panic” over the club’s recruitment this summer, insisting there will be plenty of players interested in featuring under new boss Mark Molesley.

The popular defender was Weymouth’s second player to be retained under the new manager since he was unveiled on the final day of the season.

And the former Portland United man, who has now played under three different managers at the Bob Lucas Stadium, insists as soon as Molesley and assistant Paul Maitland expressed an interest to keep him on board, the decision was a no brainer.

He told Echosport: “As soon as they ring you, you don’t listen to anyone else. I didn’t even speak to anyone else.

“Moles has spoken to me about what he wants to do and what the club will be like and, I think his ideas are brilliant.

“I know we aren’t full time but I like the fact that we are going to be more professional. Moles is getting us programmes now while we are not in pre-season so we come back fit.

“I think the first week he has us training for four of out of the seven days to have a look at us and our condition. It will be interesting and I know he always demands the best from us. I can imagine pre-season being quite hard!”

And with his own deal tied up for next term, Wells is excited to see who will join him at Weymouth next term.

Asked about the club’s recruitment, he added: “Moles got us Zubes (Stephane Zubar), he got us Pat (Baldwin), so you think, who else has he got? His contact list is a joke it’s so good.

“I think a lot of people see names going and they don’t see many coming in, but there is still three months until the start of the season. There is plenty of time and a lot of players don’t like to get their football set early.

“There is no need to panic and Moles has his idea of who he wants.

“There will be plenty of people ringing him, It’s just whether they are right for the system he wants to play. We needed change and I look forward to seeing who will come in.”

Dorset Echo

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