Stéphane Zubar spoke to for the latest Who are ya?.

Billy Neale: Hi Stéphane. I hope you are well. After Saturday’s win against Walton, what is the mood like in the camp and how important was that win?

Stéphane Zubar: Yes my friend I am well and the mood is good. We all know how important it was to get back to winning ways after a difficult week. We’ve been conceding a lot of goals recently and as a defence we’ve been disappointed but we’re working hard to change that.

BN: Definitely. It was good to see you and Sherring back in the middle. Would you say this is the closest bunch of lads you’ve played with?

SZ: Certainly. You can all see that after a win, draw or loss. We celebrate together and we hurt together. I know most of the lads from my time at Bournemouth. People like Wako (Josh Wakefield) I played with there. When I first signed for Weymouth 3 years ago we were close but probably not as close as we are now.

BN: You’re not the only Zubar to play pro, your brother Ronald has played in the Premier League with Wolves. What’s it like to see a family member play at that level?

SZ: It’s great to see but he doesn’t play anymore. He’s a little older than me and always offered me tips and advice as we are both defenders in the same position. He’s played at some massive clubs like Marseille in France, so to get guidance of him is brilliant.

BN: Yeah any advice that can help is brilliant. So what sort of music do you listen to before a game to get you ready?

SZ: Well I like to listen to a range of music such as dance but my favourite is reggae. That gets me in the zone.

BN: When you’re getting ready do you have any superstitions?

SZ: No I’m not like Callum (Buckley)! But I need my boots to be clean before every game otherwise I feel like we’ll lose. That’s why I make sure they’re clean. I guess you could call it a superstition but I’m not like some people in the changing room having all these little things.

BN: Final one from me Stéphane, do you reckon we have what it takes to get promoted?

SZ: Yes, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think we could. I’m 33 now and you never know what’s going to happen for next season so I want to make sure I want that I finish on a high. This club has been through a hell of a lot in the last 10 years and I want to make sure that I can do everything I can to get out it of this division and get the club up the football ladder before I finish playing football.

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