Jake McCarthy spoke to John Pritchard from theterras.com in the first of our Terras Firsts feature.

John Pritchard: Can you tell us about your first memory of football?

Jake McCarthy: First football memory was kicking a indoor ball around the house. Just dribbling around all the furniture and all sorts!

JP: What was the first football shirt you can remember owning?

JM: First football shirt I owed was an England top with number 4 Gerrard on the back I believe, old school red one, what a player!

JP: We see you wearing a lot of boots, what was the first pair you owned?

JM: First football boots I remember owning were a bright yellow f50 with the Velcro tongue, also had JAKE 7 on them, the bees knees them boots.

JP: Can you remember the first football game you saw live?

JM: First game I saw live was probably a Bournemouth match, unsure who it would of been against though. Never really used to go watch many teams live at all.

JP: Something every child loves is a celebration, can you remember your first celebration?

JM: First celebration I can remember doing will have to be the aeroplane, I still bring it out every now and then but only on special occasions!

JP: To finish it off, can you remember your first game in the claret and blue shirt playing for the Terras?

JM: First game for Terras was a pre-season friendly against League 2 side Yeovil Town. We played very well and created so many chance! Unfortunately we went on to lose the game 2-1 but that was my first taste of being a Terra and first taste of the Bob Lucas stadium! I enjoyed it a lot!

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