Josh Barton, of, caught up with long serving Terras defender Ashley Wells ahead of the first Pre-Season friendly against Yeovil Town.

Josh Barton: You are now the longest serving player at the club. Does it feel odd and are players now turning to you for advice?

Ashley Wells: It does seem a bit strange being the longest serving player as I never thought I would be when I first joined the club. I try to pass on what knowledge I have to the other players, especially those who are new to this league. I know that being here the longest that I must now stand up and be counted and be more commanding with my voice.

JB: How have you found the pre-season training so far. Have you been impressed with the levels of coaching?

AW: It is the most organised pre-season I’ve ever been involved with. Everything is so professional, you can see the buzz around the team and that starts with the coaches and the sessions they have put together.

JB: One thing the Terras fans love about you is your passion to play for your local hometown club. Do you still consider yourself a fan?

AW: Yes growing up watching the Terras and now getting the chance to play for my hometown, I’ll always be a fan.

JB: Your face is well known around the town. Is it a good feeling when people recognise you?

AW: It is nice to be recognised. Sometimes, some people only seem to want to talk to me after a bad result, not so much when we are doing well so it goes both ways.

JB: Is it a case now of just eagerly awaiting the first friendly against Yeovil on Tuesday night?

AW: Yes very much so. I can’t wait to get going again. Also we are playing against a good level of opposition will help us prepare for the tough season ahead.

JB: What has been your favourite memory in a Weymouth shirt?

AW: I’ve had a lot of good times in a Terras shirt. I would say my goals as they don’t come about often?but it will have to be winning supporters player of the year as they are the ones who pay to watch you. To know you are making them proud of their team is a big honour.

JB: Do you have any personal targets for the upcoming season?

AW: I always set myself personal targets the main one is to cement my place in the starting eleven and then it will be about keeping as many clean sheets as possible.

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