This week Ben Carter, of, caught up with Terras’ assistant manager Paul Maitland to discuss pre-season and Tonight’s friendly against Yeovil Town.

Ben Carter: Is there any advice that you will give to the players in the changing room tonight? Or is it just another a pre-season friendly?

Paul Maitland: Of course for some players they will be putting on the claret and blue shirt for the first time whilst making their debut for the club.  As we all know, first impressions count which is important for the players to know as they are fighting for a place. In regards to how we will be treating the match, we are looking to give as many players as we can game time.  As much as we would love to win the match, there is no pressure on the result

BC: Many Terras fans are excited for the clash and have been eagerly anticipating it for a while now, how much of a role will they play in pushing the team over the line?

PM: As always, the fans are very important in creating an atmosphere, which I’m sure they will as they are the heartbeat of the club. For tonight’s encounter and the upcoming season togetherness is key right the way through the club from fans to players to directors etc.  Our togetherness starts tonight.

BC: Should Terras fans be expecting to see a full strength squad for tonight’s game as an initial idea of what is to come in the coming season?

PM: We aim to give every player game time this evening including some who are unsigned. All players bar Josh Carmichael will be seen as he is unavailable. As we are all aware it is some of the lads first time seeing the ground so it would be great if there could be a reasonable crowd who get behind the players who are keen to drive the club forwards

BC: With it being the first game of pre-season but also against rivals Yeovil Town what’s more important to you and the management team, the result or experimenting with the team and fitness?

PM: To us as managerial staff the result is not as important as the performance.  For the fans I’m sure the result is more important and it would be a fantastic boost to beat Yeovil.  However, we must remember that it is the first time some of these players have played together and of course we are playing against a full-time team.

BC: Considering you’re playing against a football league side, how much do fancy the Terras chances in this clash?

PM: I expect them to fitter and sharper as they are in training every day so we need to ensure that we step up to this level.  Providing that we do, I believe that we can give them a good game.  It’s important that we don’t read into the result too much as we are building up for the 12th.

BC: After being absent from the BLS for a while, how will it feel walking out this evening with the new editions to the side and of course  our new manager?

PM: It’s very exciting times or the club with lots of change going on.  Mark has asserted his authority in the club already.  I’m excited to see the new players and our trialists who have potential. It’ll be great to be back and I’m very excited not only for tonight but for the upcoming season.

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