HEAD performance analyst Danny Webb stated his desire to make the Terras’ squad better, as the club continues to develop its coaching structure.

Webb, who has just finished a degree in football studies at Southampton Solent University, has been employed to provide and run the rule over key information about the team’s performance for the upcoming campaign.

Having also fulfilled the role with first-team coach Tom Prodomo at Bashley, he is looking forward to making his mark at Weymouth.

Asked how he was offered the job by Echosport, the analyst, who captures and analyses footage from both home and away games, said: “I got a call from Tom to ask if I would be interested in coming to Weymouth to work with Mark (Molesley) and the team and I snapped his hand off straight away. It’s a fantastic opportunity for myself to develop.

“It’s quite a demanding role but I like every minute of it.

“I have been so welcomed into the club. You don’t realise the enormity of the club until you come to a game. I remember speaking to Tom after the Yeovil game and saying I now realise what I’m working with.”

Quizzed on what processes he goes through on a match day, Webb, who marks and clips aspects of a game the Terras are looking to improve on, replied: “Once we get to the ground it’s very much a case of showing what I’ve worked on during the week.

“That footage will then get played in the changing room and we all go through it together pre-match.

“Then, from the moment the full-time whistle goes after the game, it’s a case of focusing on the next match with the clips that we have from that game.

“On average I spend a good six hours straight after a match looking at it. It can take a long time to put stuff together but it’s something I am passionate about.

“My main aim is to make the players better, so to see a development of the team is my main focus. If I can put all the hours into that, it’s something I am happy to work for.”

Asked how the step up in match analysis has been received at the club, Webb insists he has had an array of positive feedback so far.

“The players have been really engaged with it. A lot of them want a lot of one-to-one footage, so once I clip all of the footage, I work with each of the players individually,” he said.

“Moles has loved every minute of it and if I can work hard enough for him then that’s the main thing. He has been fantastic and welcoming towards me. The whole coaching staff have been and I can’t ask any more of them.

“I think analysis is still quite new in the game. Some managers may play it down which is fine if that’s their route, but Mark has really embraced it and it’s something we really want to work on this year to get professionalism back into the club.”

Webb’s next step on a personal level is to study for a master’s degree in youth sport and physical education.


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