Calvin Brooks spoke to Josh Barton of to discuss the start to the season, the upcoming FA Cup tie and the Jamaican morphsuit!

Josh Barton: You’ve put in some superb performances so far this season. Have you enjoyed it so far?

Calvin Brooks: I’ve been pleased with how I’ve started the season but I’m definitely looking to improve and take my game on to the next level by having that extra cutting edge in the final third. I’m working hard in training and hopefully that shows on match days.

JB: A frustrating evening on Tuesday. If ever the phrase “one of them games” was appropriate, it was this one surely?

CB: Yes I would agree, it was extremely frustrating, I felt we had them on the back foot for a 20 minute period in the first half and should have made it count, we didn’t and we were punished in the second half for a couple of lapses in concentration. We threw everything at them at the end but like you said it just seemed like it was “one of those nights”

JB: We play Chippenham in the FA Cup and a couple of old faces return. Are you looking forward to this one?

CB: I look forward to every FA Cup game, every player at our level is dreaming of getting to the first round proper and getting the big draw. It will be a tough game that’s for sure but we know if we play the way we can, we can beat anybody at home. With regards to the familiar faces it will be nice to see them but there will be no friends on the pitch.

JB: You are one of the most experienced players at the club now. You seem to take pride in wearing the claret and blue. Do you ever give advice to the newer players about what is expected at the club?

CB: Firstly, every time I pull on the Weymouth shirt I try to give 100% because I appreciate the opportunity that has been given to me to represent the amazing supporters we have, secondly, when the new lads came into the club myself and Wellsy did make it clear to the boys of what is expected from the supporters and what to expect from the teams in this division.

JB: You support Newcastle United. Poor you. Is there always football related banter in the changing rooms and are their any deluded fans of teams amongst the squad?

CB: Thankfully I’m not the only Newcastle fan, Brandon shares the pain with me although we’ve started ok this season. I would say there is two that stand out firstly Harry Baker thinks Liverpool will win the title and champions league so that sums him up and the other is Thommo he’s a big Burton Albion fan and we will just leave it at that I think.

JB: Where is the Jamaican morph suit?

CB: The sacred Jamaican suit has been travelling the length of the country with us as it’s in the side of my football bag. I will wear it in the bar Saturday if Thommo or Brandon score a hat-trick.

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