Josh Wakefield spoke to about his time at the club so far, recent results, his teammates and also we ask him if Dave Tune is the best kit manager he has ever had!

Josh Barton: We’ve kicked into November and sit 5th the league table. How would you rate the teams in the league this season so far?

Josh Wakefield: I would say that the teams are exactly as I expected really. They are strong and physical but they don’t play as good football as we play that’s for sure! I think Hereford have been the best we have played so far, they are a good side, but apart from that no one else has really stood out for me.

JB: Can you tell us how well you have settled in at the club and how would you rate your own form a few months in?

JW: I think I have settled in really well! I know a lot of the lads from Bournemouth anyway and being on a few loans with different people. The ones I’ve met at the club have been great really except Ashley Wells, he’s always fining me for ridiculous things! On my form, I suppose you guys can be the judge of that, although personally I think I’ve done okay, but I know I can do better.

JB: What has been your most enjoyable game in a Terras shirt so far?

JW: The most enjoyable game so far would have to be Frome away for me. The first win of the season was great, although it is followed closely by Merthyr at the BLS, that was a good game as well.

JB: Onto your teammates.. Who has the worst banter in the changing room?

JW: Worst banter! Could be a few contenders to be honest! Ben Thomson’s banter is just boring especially with that dull monotonous voice.. but I will go with Callum Buckley, he’s a quiet lad but when he pipes up it’s just awkward and really not funny at all.

JB: Who in your opinion is the worst dressed player at the club?

JW: Two people come to mind. Ashley Wells and Harry Baker. Both got terrible barnets as well.

JB: How important is sticking together as a team and as a club in your opinion?

JW: Togetherness is key really in any side. I’ve been in lots of different dressing rooms and one thing I will say is that this is a team who have great spirit and moral, we want to do well not only for ourselves but for each other and that’s important. The more together we are as a group and a club, the worse it will be for other teams playing us and that’s what we want!

JB: What is your personal aim when the final ball is kicked at the end of April?

JW: My personal goal for the season is to enjoy it as much as I can if I’m being totally honest! I didn’t see myself playing football this year so to be fortunate enough to be playing most weeks and enjoying it as much as I am is enough for me, the rest will take care of itself.

JB: And finally.. Is Dave Tune the best kit man in the country?

JW: Like I said, I’ve been around a few clubs in my time, and I can safely say that without Dave Tune, I don’t know how we would survive, he is basically god in my eyes.

A few more words from Josh Wakefield.. 

JW: Sorry just quickly as well ha! I would like to congratulate Ashley Wells on his new baby! And UTBD!




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