Well here we go the final two months of this season’s Wessex Fantasy Football!!

This of course means we are in the final two months of this great season.

It would be great if we could raise some more cash to give the Management a chance to maybe bring in one or two more players to help us push for this play-off spot and who knows what else that could bring us.

If I could get an extra 100 people to play the final two months of the WessexFF that could give us the funds to bring in a couple more players. All it will cost you is £20 for these final two months. Even if you are already playing why not put in another team for the final two months. If you don’t want to play then why not donate a sum to this final two months.

Together We Can Do This!!

Click on the link below to either enter these final two months or to donate. The deadline for entry is 3pm on Saturday 3rd March 2018.

Wessex Fantasy Football Website.

Ian White

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