Stéphane Zubar spoke to Josh Barton of ahead of tomorrow’s clash at Biggleswade Town. The lads must be looking forward to getting back out on the pitch after the postponement last weekend.

Stéphane Zubar: Hello Josh. The lads are raring to go ahead of the game at Biggleswade. We were disappointed to not play last weekend after losing at Hereford. We are in a strong position and we need to keep it going. We are targeting the play offs and to finish as high in the table as we can. We have been working hard this week and it should help us for tomorrow. We have only lost two games since your return to the club. Have you been impressed with the setup under Mark Molesley?

SZ: I wasn’t even surprised with how well he has done. I know Mark and have played with him. He started at AFC Bournemouth Under 21’s a few years ago and back then I could tell that he had a vision and he had gone on to do well here three years later. He is doing a fantastic job. All of the players that he has signed for the club, some people were saying “he’s only signing kids” and now it’s paying off because we have some really good players here. I’m going to do my best to help Mark and this club get promoted. This club deserves to get promoted. I will always give my best. With the team sitting in third position in the league table, is it very much one game at a time and see where the team ends up at the end?

SZ: Of course. If we thought any different we would be stupid quite frankly. We want to get promoted but we have to focus game by game and opponent by opponent. It’s very tight, six teams can make the play offs so we need to keep going. Step by step. The biggest inspiration in your footballing career?

SZ: That is a tough one. My Brother Ronald is a big inspiration because of the drive he has. He left home when he was young to achieve his goals and he played at the highest level. He has helped me massively. Another inspiration is Zinedine Zidane. When the fans are singing your name, does it give you extra motivation to succeed for them as much as for yourself and the rest of the team? 

SZ: It really does. It’s always nice. Charlie Davis always gets jealous because the fans don’t sing his name. I really hope that one day the fans sing his name and he really needs a haircut if I’m being honest. First and foremost I give my best for myself because we all need to do that. I try to give everything for this club and I still feel I have a year or so left in me.

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