This week, spoke to Ben Thomson who was as entertaining as ever! What has it been like working with Mark Molesley as manager so far?

Ben Thomson: It’s been really good working with Moles. I’ve learnt more as a player whilst under him than I ever have before, and his coaching is in depth and thorough. It has been really good and it’s great to still be learning so much! He still hasn’t taught me how to hit a barn door yet mind, but we’re working on that one! What is your favourite moment in a Weymouth shirt during your time at the club?

BT: That’s a hard question, beating Dorchester is always one of the highlights of the season for me, but it would probably have to be twisting Zubar up pre-season when he was playing for Yeovil! I’m taking full credit for him getting released and allowing us to re-sign him! He’s been so key for us this season and it’s nice to have someone actually considerably older than me in the squad! Brilliant! A lot of fans will appreciate that I’m sure. He’s been a massive factor in the success this season. Who was your footballing inspiration growing up?

BT: To be completely honest I don’t actually watch a lot football, I never really have. If I did have to choose a footballing inspiration growing up though it would have to be Eric Cantona. He was a character on and off the pitch and he was unbelievable! Do you play/watch any sport other than football?

BT: Myself, Good, Calvin Brooks, Bakes, Coops and Charlie Davis all love a bit of fishing! We went sea fishing off of a boat in Weymouth a couple months into the season on a Sunday! Was worth the 100 quid to see Calvin Brooks be violently sick from the minute we left the harbour! We usually have a few games of tennis when we train in Blandford in the summer.. Anything I can beat those lot at, I enjoy to be fair. Do you think your goal against Farnborough should win goal of the season?

BT: Absolutely not. I’d pay good money to be able to wind it into the lads that I’ve won goal of the season but I’m sure one of the others will. (Goody) still got plenty of time to pop in goal of the season in though! Exactly. It’s not over until the season ends. Although it’s going to be hard to beat Goodship’s goal on Saturday. I bet you say it was all in the assist though! Finally, do you think that this current Weymouth side have what it takes to go all the way and get promoted this season?

BT: Agreed it was all the assist! He couldn’t miss to be fair after that ball I’ve put in! 100% and I think anyone else who’s watched us this season week in week out would completely agree.

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