This week spoke to Callum Buckley. We look with him at the season so far and we also find out his views on himself being compared to Wallace from Wallace and Gromit! Firstly, we are coming towards the end of your first season at Weymouth. How much have you enjoyed it?

Callum Buckley: I’ve loved it Josh. I went into this season wanting to play as many games as possible and to get back to really enjoying my football again. Luckily enough that’s what has happened this season. Fantastic, we’ve loved having you! We go into an exciting end to the season, hunting down promotion. Were you always confident about what this group was capable of?

CB: This group of players and staff are brilliant, it’s a pleasure to be a part of. I knew coming into the season we had some very good players at the club so I was confident we could do very well this season. You led the team as captain for a spell this season. How important is leadership and do you see yourself as a captain in the future?

CB: I loved it when I got the chance to captain the side. I think leadership has been so important this season, every player has stepped up and led the way at some point, so it’s important we keep doing the same thing. About being a future captain, you never know but it was a great experience to captain such a good side and that spell can only go on to help me in my career. Your record certainly wasn’t bad! We’ve asked this question before but we want to know what you think. Who would win an arm wrestle between Stéphane Zubar and Cazé Da Silva?

CB: I’d have to say Zubes! It’s close but I can’t see many people beating him in an arm wrestle. Haha! The man is massive! Another question and this one is from our website editor. Do you think it was very unfair of your teammates to compare you to Wallace from Wallace and Gromit on Pen Pic day?

CB: Did Wellsy ask you to ask me this question Josh? In all fairness my picture isnt great, I’m not happy with it at all! Someone could of at least helped me out a bit and chucked a filter on it, absolute liberty. Haha! I’m not naming any names Callum!
What is your favourite type of cheese?

CB: Bad news, I’m not a fan of cheese. Oh no! Finally from me.. do you think this squad has what it takes to go all the way this season?

CB: I believe the group is more than capable but we will continue to take it one game at a time. We will keep working hard and we will see what happens at the end of the season.

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