Now the dust has settled after our play-off defeat at King’s Lynn Town, I am sure you will all agree with me in saying that this has been one of the best seasons for many a year. It has certainly been a very strange season for me. I started the season as I start every season recently working hard to raise money for Wessex Fantasy Football and planning a season of new matchday programmes. I finish the season as Chairman of our great club with a task ahead of me that will be a real challenge. More on that task in a minute. While mentioning our massive trip to King’s Lynn can the Weymouth FC Board of Directors put on record the club’s gratitude to every single one of you that made that massive trip and supported the lads and shared their pain.

Up first it’s time to thank and acknowledge those people that make our football club tick. This list is in no particular order. Kev, Paul and Tom who give us the great pitch the lads have played on this season. Our office, turnstile operators & bar staff ably run by Kate our general manager. Then we have our very professional stewards organised and run by chief steward Chris well done guys great effort. Thanks most also go to Jo in the boardroom, Eric and Tim in the sponsors lounge and Steve Walkinshaw who has through his hours of work earned the club its first Safety Certificate.

This next piece certainly needs a paragraph of its own!! This special thanks goes to Josh Barton and Ryan Asman who have turned the club’s social media world upside down this season. What they have accomplished is truly amazing and it goes from strength to strength so thank you guys your efforts are unbelievable and we are all very proud of you both. Sadly, Ryan you missed the tattoo by two goals, but was it close or what? Up for it again next season?

Now to the money men, the Away Travel Club Brian, Big Merv and their band of helpers who once again have raised thousands of pounds, well done guys. Then we have the guys who have suffered the most this season, the Old Gits who are almost homeless. They have raised hundreds of pounds by donating a £1 per goal and per point and each of them have so far had to pay out over £200 each, well done guys great effort. The WFCSA have also done their bit with the pitch squares and of course Pete’s great work in the club shop. Juliet and Paula who do a fantastic job with the 50/50 draw tickets, well done girls. There has also been a number of you that have done your bit so thank you for that. Finally, I can’t thank myself as that would be rather strange, but I must say a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to this season’s Wessex Fantasy Football, this season we really did make a difference and that difference has scored 38 goals this season.

Now to the task I spoke about earlier and the future moving forward. Over the last five years our club has slowly but surely been pushing forward and without all of those mentioned above we would not be where we are now. But now we have reached a crossroads and we are there because of our performance on the pitch. Mark and his management team have given us a group of players and a season to be proud of. As I have said a number of times the best overall footballing set up we have had in the 22 years I have been at this club.

But now we need to build on what we have and help our management team develop this group of very talented players and to do that we have to wake our club up commercially. This won’t be easy but if we can’t do this after a season like this we will never be able to do this.

We now have a great set of guys in the boardroom who only care about one thing and that is Weymouth FC. In the past we have asked you to put your hands in your pockets and of course that won’t stop, but now we need to go out into the Weymouth business community and beyond and you can help us do that. Talk to your bosses and ask them if they would like to sponsor the club or buy a couple of season tickets and be involved in the revival of Weymouth Football Club and join in what will be a great ride moving forward.

So, my end of season message is very simple indeed, we all owe it to Mark, Paul, Tom, and their team and of course our great players. Let’s keep this going, let’s help Mark keep as many of these players for next season and help them go one step better next season and win this league. But to do this we need some real investment in the club. We are still looking for someone to take on a commercial role here at the Bob Lucas Stadium or maybe we can all take on that commercial role. We have had some great commercial leaflets produced with the help of Mark Probin. (Thanks Mark). They are available in the club office so please pop down and see Kate and take a few leaflets with you, you can also download a pdf of the leaflet from the club’s website and see what you can bring in.

I have devised a special Wessex Fantasy Football game for the World Cup. Please give this a go and help get the Wessex Fantasy Football off to a great 2018/19 start. Entry forms are available from the Wessex Fantasy Football website and the club office.

Finally, please make sure you grab those End of Season Presentation evening tickets on Friday 18th May 2018 only £10 and celebrate this great season with the club’s staff, management team and of course our great squad of players.

Again, huge thanks to everyone who has this season made such a difference and that of course includes every single one of you – our great fans…

Ian White

WFC Chairman

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