Firstly I would like to say it has been an absolute pleasure to play in the claret and blue for this football club, I have enjoyed my time at the club enormously.

A massive thanks to the fans for their unwavering support, especially when we had a couple of turbulent years. It means so much.

A big thank you to all of the volunteers at the club who put in so much time and hard work, without you guys it wouldn’t run the way it does.

Thanks to the staff that brought me to the club and gave me the chance to prove myself and also to the current staff, their fantastic energy and enthusiasm is infectious and this club is definitely heading in the right direction with Mark in charge. A big thanks to Paul Maitland who has always offered a huge amount of support on and off of the field. And finally to all my team mates it’s been a pleasure playing along side all of you (some more than others)

It is time for me to put my career outside of football first but I hope to be back in the claret and blue as soon as possible, next season will be our season, up the Terras!

Calvin x

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