Ben Thomson caught up with Louie James of ahead of the first Pre-Season friendly. How do you feel pre-season has gone so far and what do you think about the squad for this season?

Ben Thomson: It’s never nice knowing what you’ve got coming with the running you have to do pre season after having the summer off but it’s gone really well so far. Charlie Davis has been sick a few times on the track and Harry Baker has spent 90% of the time looking at my heels so it’s been good on a personal note! I’m feeling fit. Looking good then. What is your main aim this season in terms of the team and you personally?

BT: Without a doubt as a team it is to win the league, and personally as long as I can contribute to that in as many ways as possible, whether that’s assisting with goals or scoring goals. Also being a team player and a squad player then I’d personally be happy with that. I could score week in week out but if promotion is not achieved this season then it wouldn’t be worth anything for me. Also, a Boxing Day pumping for Dorch or Poole would be a close second favourite. I’m sure the fans would be very happy with that! The atmosphere after a Boxing Day win is always incredible. One of my go to questions now. Would you rather score a 40 yard screamer or dribbling through the whole team and score?

BT: Dribble through the whole team and score. I done the 40 yarder at Chesham last season and it felt a bit naughty even thinking about shooting from that far out so I won’t be doing that again, and 99.9% of the time, the ball would of gone out the stadium and rolled under the Bluebird Coach. Love that! What is your favourite stadium you’ve played in other than the BLS?

BT: It would have to be Hereford, it’s always a great atmosphere there and they have lots of fans, I wasn’t a fan of the sausages for post-match meals mind. I think they leave them in the slow cooker for a day to long. The atmosphere there was great last season although the food must be a factor as well! What stadium does the best food and what was it?

BT: Very hard question.. the man to ask is Calvin Brooks as he ALWAYS asks for them to put some food in a plastic lunch box so he can take it home and have it throughout the week. He’s the stingiest bloke alive and it saves him cooking for the majority of the week so he’d be able to tell you just like that, his freezers probably still full with three months worth of Weymouth’s post match Meals! I wish this was a lie but it’s genuinely gospel truth. At least there will be more food for you this season then! Final question, Do you think football is coming home this World Cup?

BT: After nearly having a nervous breakdown watching us scrape by the Colombians last night, no I don’t think football is coming home… BUT I pray to god I’m wrong!! Hopefully Sterling and Ali decide to join the squad for Saturday’s game, I wouldn’t recommend either of those two for a trial at the Balti house how they’ve played this World Cup. I think most of Weymouth would prefer you and Brandon on instead looking at how you both played last season!

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