Louie James of theterras.com spoke to Analyst Danny Webb, who gives us an insight into his role at the club.

theterras.com: Can you tell us about your role at the club for those that aren’t aware?

Danny Webb: Yes sure. So my role includes filming games and clipping parts such as our philosophy areas that we like to work on as a club after a game. It can take me quite along time to do but it’s a process we like to keep going as a continuous level each season. It’s quite demanding but it’s also a great challenge for me. It helps to enable us to be able to tell our good areas and some constructive means for us to work on and helps us build on for the next game.

theterras.com: I’m definitely sure all the players really appreciate what you do and it clearly helps them improve on and off the pitch. What is it like working with the management team we have?

DW: The management team are fantastic! They challenge me every day but it’s a challenge I love to accept and it helps to demand more from me and helps me to improve as a person to progress. They’ve set me loads of tasks throughout last season and it’s helped me to get a much better understanding of each player individually as well. My confidence has increased massively and I’m now able to approach the players more for tactical information and also to help them with movement or any other aspects in there game. Hopefully this year coming we can progress even further. As well as the staff though I think it’s important to mention the players I have worked with since I joined the club because they have been magnificent with me and have given me a lot of confidence in everything I do for them! They kept me going in the job I love doing, especially when I had some issues had outside of football last season, so I can’t thank them enough for that!

theterras.com: It’s really evident from the outside that a lot of work goes into it and it clearly helps the players huge amounts. Did you ever play football when you were younger and if so who for and what position?

DW: I used to play for a local youth team where I grew up in Basingstoke. They had no affiliation with the Basingstoke team we played last season unfortunately. I used to play as a left back although I was probably better suited to being left back on the subs bench!

theterras.com: Haha! Love that. What is the one moment in the history of football you’d love to go back and be a part of?

DW: That’s a real tough one you’ve put me right on the spot with that! As it’s World Cup year I’d love to go back to the 1966 World Cup final in England. I think not only did we win it but in front of a home crowd would have been ever more special. Let’s hope that we can recreate the win this year!

theterras.com: That would have been an incredible moment! I think everyone is dreaming of it coming home again this year. If there was one keeper on the planet you’d love to take a penalty against who would it be? And why?

DW: I’ll tell you what, I reckon I’d fancy my chances against Manuel Neuer. He’s a bit of a ball player but I think I could do him with the eyes and, I’m not very good at penalties, but if I could pick my spot early I think I could psych him out and put it past him.

theterras.com: Pretty simple really! Haha! Finally what is your most enjoyable moment at Weymouth so far?

DW: There’s been so many but I’d probably say one of my favourite nights was definitely Slough Town at home last season. It was in front of a great crowd on a Tuesday night and I just think the way we played was brilliant and the atmosphere was fantastic. Calvin scored the winner just after half time and sitting at the top of the stand where I watch the games from you could hear the noise being created and the crowd was bouncing. That was one of my favourite moments but there’s been so many since I started working with the club and there will be lots more this season as well I hope!

theterras.com: I really think the players appreciated the support from the fans that night and influenced them on the pitch.

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