For the first of this weeks player interviews, Louie James of caught up with Defender Callum Buckley. Firstly what has it been like working under Mark Molesley and the management team so far?

Callum Buckley: I’ve really enjoyed working under Moles, him and the rest of the Weymouth staff have improved me massively as a player. Moles has spent a lot of his time working with me and has put a lot of trust in me which I massively appreciate. As the season went on your development was very evident and you were definitely a key player in the success the club had. What are your aims for this season as a team and individually as well?

CB: Last season went really well we earned a lot of points and played some really great football throughout the season. I believe we can go on and top last year but we have to just keep working hard and improving as a team and individuals. Personally, I just want to keep playing and developing as much as I can but overall I’m desperate for the club to be successful this year. Decent! Who is the smartest player in the squad in your opinion and why?

CB: The smartest player.. I’d say it’s between Josh Carmichael and Josh Wakefield but I’d say Josh Carmichael purely just because he now wears some ridiculous glasses so he looks smarter! Haha! If you were stranded on a desert island and could have one other teammate with you, who would it be and why?

CB: Wellsy.. although I’d struggle hearing his awful jokes constantly! I feel he has some attributes that could help in that situation. Brilliant! In your last interview you were asked about your alleged comparison with Wallace from Wallace and Gromit so along those lines again, who is your favourite cartoon character and why?!

CB: Only just started the new season and already the Wallace things been brought up, shocking that! But my favourite cartoon character would probably be Stewie from family guy. Haha! Bet you get a lot of stick for it! Finally I’ve heard that you’re a Leeds United fan, would you rather England won the World Cup or Leeds won a game?

CB: I am indeed. My old man had a huge influence on that decision it was supporting Leeds or finding somewhere else to live but I would much rather England winning the World Cup. The buzz around the team this year is unreal if they win it will be madness. You got unlucky there then! Haha. The whole country wouldn’t know what to do if we won!

CB: I know some of the videos are brilliant imagine if we won it would be carnage!

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