Garry Hill, former Conference South champion winning Manager and Weymouth Legends Manager for the game against AFC Bournemouth Legends, caught up with during Thursday’s game with Exeter, as we look forward to next weekend. Garry, you are managing the Weymouth Legends team against AFC Bournemouth. How are you feeling ahead of this game?

Garry Hill: Very excited. I feel very privileged and I’m really looking forward to being involved. I’ve always had a great relationship with Weymouth Football Club and the people here. We had some memorable and successful times here and the football club was a major part of my career. I’ve got very fond memories of living in Weymouth and being manager of the football club. You have seen a few people from the club that are still here from your time at the club (night of the Exeter game). It must be great to see people again?

GH: Very much so. It’s a football club that I like to call a typical and proper Non-League club. There are not many clubs around with the same traditions, pulling power and history of a club like Weymouth. It’s good to see some of the same people that were here when I was Manager 10 years ago. The club is certainly going in the right direction, I know Mark Molesley very well and I’m really pleased and encouraged to see him and Paul (Maitland) moving things forward in the right way. Do you look out for our results during the season?

GH: Without a doubt. It’s instinctive to look at the club’s results from where I’ve had good memories, so I’m always looking at how Weymouth and Dagenham & Redbridge are doing. Even if I don’t know the score, I’d ask my wife Di, who knows the results. I hope this season is a successful one, I know that you have got the right management team and I wish the team all the best. Hopefully I’ll be cheering them on throughout the season at some time. And finally, the Legends Game. How much are you looking forward to that? You are bringing some members of your team that won the league in 2006.

GH: I’m really looking forward to it. There are some of the lads that I haven’t seen in a long time. When we had that team, it was a period in time where things at the club were moving very fast but certainly in the right direction with the way it was going on the pitch. There were some very good players at the football club at that time and we I left them, they were third in the Conference Premier. Football has that habit sometimes of responding with something that you don’t really expect. There are also legendary players in this game who played under other managers and they’ve all been top players in the past for this football club and I hope the town and local area can come out and support their favourite players from the past.

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