Well, here we go again. The Wessex Fantasy Football 2018/19 is now live .

Once again last season we managed to raise just short of £15,000. That money was used in various ways. The main one was, of course, our goal machine Brandon Goodship. But we also helped bring Jordan Rose, Matt Tubbs and James Hayter to the club and all of that was because of you, our great fans.

The Wessex Fantasy Football 2018/19 has already been busy making a difference. The World Cup Special through the game and donations raised just short of a £1,000. We added to this the £3,500 that we raised and held back from the end of last season as we attempted to find that attacking player and with a very generous donation from one of our great supporters the Wessex Fantasy Football 2018/19 has been able to secure Warren Bentley for the whole of this season.

Many of you have already identified that we may need another centre-half. So that is where the Wessex Fantasy Football 2018/19 comes in. With my other hat on for a moment, we do not have much wriggle room with the budget at the moment so we really need to get the Wessex Fantasy Football 2018/19 moving as quick as possible.

As I have said in the past if we can get 200 people playing the game for the season that would give our management team an extra £1,600 a month to play with, which would easily get us a decent centre-half. As always if you don’t want to play the game you can donate. If you haven’t been involved with Wessex Fantasy Football before please give it a go.

We Can Make A Real Difference!!!

Click on the link below to get involved in the Wessex Fantasy Football 2018/19 Season. The cost of the game is just £10 a month or £85 for the whole nine-month season if you pay before the season starts. The deadline for the August 2018 WessexFF Competition is midday on Saturday 4th August 2018.

Wessex Fantasy Football 2018/19

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