Josh Carmichael speaks to Eddie Knell of about his footballing hero, Mexico and blisters. The new season is only a couple of weeks away now, are you ready and raring to go?

Josh Carmichael: Yes, we can’t wait to get going now, we are half way through Pre-Season and we just want to get through these next three weeks and get the season started! Who was your role model growing up?

JC: Steven Gerrard, he’s my hero! He’s even made me a Rangers supporter now which my grandad being a Celtic supporter is not overly happy about! Pre-Season is important for a player but how difficult is it, especially with the heatwave of this summer?

JC: This pre-season has been very difficult, but I think all the lads have come back fit and prepared to get through Pre-Season but the heat has not helped anyone think a few are struggling with blisters from the hard ground me especially What is your favourite holiday destination?

JC: I’ve been lucky to go to some lovely places, but my favourite has to be Cancun, Mexico! Just had the best time while I was there so much going on so that was definitely my favourite! Do you have any superstitions?

JC: No not really to be honest not that I can think of I’m quite boring like that! (The sort of answer we are looking for) 😂 Finally, who takes the longest in the shower?

JC: Tough one…. Josh Wakefield is usually the longest but think he’s got some competition this year from Tony Lee so you’ll have to ask them what they think!

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