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WEYMOUTH move on to meet Brush Sports in the first round proper of the F.A. Cup competition by eliminating Yeovil, 2-1, after a full-blooded, grimly contested and thrilling struggle. Although midway through the first half Lady Luck smiled on the Terras and their goal bore a charmed life under superb shots from Hamilton, on the whole Weymouth deserved their success.

With Massart playing a supremely opportunist and aggressive game, the Weymouth attack was more consistently dangerous. Massart’s two goals were tributes both to his positioning and his ability to elude eighteen-year-old Saville, a centre-half whose tenacity and stopping powers were not so apparent in the replay as they were at Saturday’s meeting.

In the Weymouth defence Corbett bolted away with the honours. The home team had had most of the play in the first 15 minutes, but after that the Yeovil forwards seemed to settle down and, moving the ball crisply in short passes, had the Terras’ back division working hard to spoil chances.


Nevertheless the chances came in quick succession, and Hamilton the left-winger gave a prodigious display of shooting, While he was at work Weymouth supporters hardly dared to breathe.

One of his efforts struck the inside of the upright after whipping over the ‘keeper’s head. Corbett turned and caught the ball on the re-bound.

Seconds later the goalkeeper held another Hamilton attempt and then as the left-winger returned with a high dropping shot, tipped the ball over the bar just when it seemed to have beaten him.

This was not the end of the suspense, but the defence survived, and the iron must have struck deep into Yeovil hearts when their own goal succumbed a minute or two after Weymouth had had such hair-raising escapes.


The first goal game after Naylor had put over a well-placed corner kick, and at grand centre when the ball was headed back to him. McGowan touched across the goal to Massart and the centre-forward did what was necessary.

A nasty knock this for Yeovil, but there was a further shock to come when Weymouth had the ball in the net again just before half-time, and it must have been a big relief for the Glovers when offside was given.

Rowell, who did not have a good game, seemed to be getting into his stride in one of the best moves of the match when, exchanging short passes with Massart, he completely outwitted Saville and Lindsay to give Massart a shooting opportunity. This was the best thing that the inside-left produced, and he did not seem altogether happy against Paterson.

Naylor, on the other hand, was in good form, not only initiating some forward moves, but pulling off one or two excellent solo runs to do so.


In the second half it was Colvan who was Yeovil’s danger man, and though the Terras’ goal never again had to undergo anything like the drubbing it received from Hamilton, Corbett had a pretty lively time.

It was Colvan who got the Glovers’ equaliser ten minutes alter the restart. His high shot from the edge of the penalty are ricocheted from the top of the upright into the net.

With this stimulant Yeovil grew very aggressive, and from the same player Corbett made the save of the match. But Yeovil’s attack was not consistent enough to overwhelm the Terras defences, and any good clearance saw the Weymouth forwards off at full tilt and pounding the Yeovil goal. In one such raid! Lawes was very much in the picture, first of all shooting from a McCarter centre and then heading just over the bar from a rebound as Clegg failed to hold a Naylor effort.


Wilson handled Case well and was one of the main obstacles to the Yeovil attack. He used his height to intercept many of the lobs which the Yeovil halves were fond of dropping into the centre and also to stop Paterson free-kick with his head—an effort which dazed him for a moment or two.

Targett’s job of dealing with Hamilton was not easy but the young right-back acquitted himself well and Taylor gave little away.

Bob Squires had a creditable shot at goal from 25 yards out, an attempt which Clegg had to move alertly to gather.


Massart’s winning goal in the 70th minute was the result of the centre-forward roving over to the right wing in order to lose Saville. McGowan slipped the ball down to him and the centre forward followed it briskly across the goalmouth, hitting it past Clegg in see it graze the upright and slide into the net.

Weymouth: Corbett, Targett, Taylor, Squires, Wilson, Laws, McGowan, Naylor, Massart, Rowell, McCarter.

Attendance: 8,266

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