Message posted on behalf of the Weymouth FC Club Shop.

After quite a bit of deliberation, we have taken the decision to give Terras fans the opportunity to have something unique! Personalised Toblerones! They are 360g Toblerones and are presented in a sleeve which has either WEYMOUTH FC or THE TERRAS on the cover.

This is purely intended as a novelty item and we will see how take up is before deciding if we get a second batch. There are a limit of just 15 of each type and we guess you are wondering what the catch is? Well the price is £7.50 each! So you can see why we gave it plenty of thought.

Although our aim is to raise funds for the club, we do always keep affordability for our supporters at the forefront of what we try and offer. So it was decided that rather than try and make money off them, we would just cover our costs and give you something different and get the football club out there on something different. Available from the club shop from this evening. Ideal stocking filler?

Due to cost, these are not online, postage will be £3-£4.50 depending on weight. If you would like to purchase some from afar, email and we will do our best to sort something out for you.

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