Jake McCarthy catches up with John Pritchard of theterras.com describing the feeling after our derby win. We also get to know a little more about our captain in this edition of who are ya.

John Pritchard: What was the atmosphere like in the changing rooms and can you describe the feeling after the ridgeway derby win?

Jake McCarthy: The atmosphere in the changing rooms was, as you can imagine, buzzing. Everyone was bouncing off the walls, music up loud, everyone having a good sing song and banging on the walls! I was personally feeling great too. I felt we 100% deserved to win the game, their keeper pulled off 2 or 3 worldly saves. We just kept peppering the goal and eventually the big goal arrived!

JP: The fans definitely felt the same! What is it like being the Terras captain and leading out a great bunch of lads every week?

JM: It’s a great honour being able to captain the terras week in week out. It is the best group of lads I’ve ever played with in my career so far and we are such a tight knit group. We all have each other’s back and that is why I believe we have done so well and will continue to do so.

JP: It definitely shows out on the pitch! We have had a few late winners which is good to see the boys showing they keep believing! What has been your most enjoyable goal or even assist for the terras so far?

JM: My most enjoyable goal and assist came in the same game away to Tiverton. I scored with my left foot from outside the box to make it 1-1, then last kick of game reversed a ball through their whole defence to put Brandon through and after that you already know the end result… Stoppage time winner and 3 points away from home!

JP: Does it get much better than that? Always nice to get on the scoresheet and to keep the assist flowing! A bit of a fun one about yourself, if you could only choose one food to eat for the rest of your life, what are you choosing?

JM: You’re not wrong… Would have to be eggs, I love eggs! Poached, scrambled, omelettes. Anything with eggs in it!

JP: And following on from that what about drink?

JM: I’d have to say Capri Suns. I love them haha!

JP: I’m with you on that one! Love a summer berries! This is important to me! Do you put your milk in before your cereal?

JM: 🙌🏼🙌🏼😂No I don’t. I’m not an alien. You surely can’t get any cereal in the bowl if you put the milk in first? And I like to soak my cereal a bit in the milk before eating!

JP: Brilliant! We can carry on now then! I’m the same! Who is the best player you have played and against?

JM: The best player I’ve trained with would be Jack Wilshere when at Bournemouth. He is a baller! And best player I’ve played against was Dele Ali when he was at MK dons in the youth set up. Our very own Callum Buckley had an altercation with him!

JP: That’s a great couple of players! I was at the most recent Arsenal v Spurs game and seen the bottle get thrown at him (Dele Ali) he must have something about him people don’t like! Was there a player you looked up to or based your game around when you was younger?

JM: I used to always look up to David Luiz. When I was a CB coming through at Bournemouth, I loved his composure on the ball and how comfortable he was, I also loved to hit a free kick!

JP: In your spare time when you have some, what is your favourite thing to get up to?

JM: I like to play PlayStation in my spare time, mainly Fifa 19 and sometimes fortnite. I also enjoy the gym when I’ve got the motivation.

JP: And last but not least, a reoccurring question we all want to know is what is your favourite chocolate in the celebration box?

JM: My favourite chocolate in a celebration box would have to be a Malteser!

JP: That’s a great choice! Thanks for your time Jake, been a pleasure. Hope to see you more in the New Year👍🏻

JM: No worries John, see you soon mate!

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