Weymouth shot-stopper Lloyd Thomas is the latest player to feature in Who Are Ya?. He spoke to Billy Neale from theterras.com earlier this week.

Billy Neale: Hi Lloyd, first of all well played against Taunton and I hope you and the rest of the lads had a great Christmas. What are the emotions in the camp after the point against Taunton?

Lloyd Thomas: Thank you mate I’ve had a lovely Christmas. The emotions have been positive after the game, we’ve had a tough couple of games and to take 4 points from 2 away games was good, especially on a tough pitch like Taunton’s. They were a very physical side who like to play very direct and they have scored a lot of goals at their place recently but we took the shots and gave it back which was very good.

BN: That’s good to hear and yes the pitch at Taunton wasn’t the best and we were unlucky not to win. When preparing to start a game do you have any superstitions before?

LT: I’m not really sure if they count as superstitions but I am a bit OCD with my kit I suppose. I always make sure I’ve got stuff for the warm up and then a selection of undershirts I can choose from before the game and I need 2 pairs of gloves, one for the warm up and one for the game but I guess that’s just keepers in general.

BN: Everyone has their routine I guess. What’s your favourite genre of music? What gets you going before a game and also when your chilling out?

LT: I listen to quite a bit of hip-hop and RnB before games. I listen to a lot of Kendrick Lamar he’s always good before a game but when I’m chilling out I like Jorja Smith. My girlfriend and I went to see her live in Brixton a couple of months ago so I’d say she’s my favourite.

BN: Your girlfriend must have been a happy lady that night. As were on the last day of 2018, what’s been your favourite moment of the year and what are your aims for 2019?

LT: Haha well she bought the tickets so I guess not. It’s got to be coming on against Salisbury and winning that game! Coming on in front of that many people was special to me, but in 2019 it’ll have to be the same as last year, play as many games as possible and see where it gets me but as an aim for Weymouth, it will definitely be an aim to get into the conference south either through the play offs or automatically.

BN: That must have been a special game for you and I know it was for the fans to see the look on your face as you come on and we won that game. I’m sure for the fans that will be the aim as well. As everyone has been asked in their interviews recently, I have to ask, what’s your favourite celebration?

LT: It was very special and I will always be grateful to the supporters for the reception they gave me coming on and after the game. My favourite has to be the caramel dairy milk but I do like the majority of them apart from Bounty they are disgusting!

BN: Dairy milk caramel is in the heroes box but I’ll let you off as I like them as well. Who’s the best player you’ve played with and against?

LT: Oh haha, what a plonker! I’ve been lucky enough to play with some top players early on in my career but a good mate of mine called Andy Rinomhota a central midfielder has recently just made his breakthrough with Reading and getting a big run of games in the first team at the moment, he’s one to look out for in the future. When I was at AFC Portchester a couple of years ago we had Sammy Igoe playing for us, he was unplayable especially at that level. Against was probably a player called Jesse Waller-Lassen who now plays for Rebel F.C.

BN: Hopefully you’ll be making the step up one day, preferably for Weymouth. I’m sure most of our younger fans will know who Jesse Waller-Lassen is because of Rebel F.C. being a YouTube team. I know he went to the same uni as Danny Webb and got player of the year in 2017. I’m not sure if Danny would know him. Anyway last one from me, what is the best stadium you’ve been to as a player or fan?

LT: Hopefully mate, this club is going places! Yeah he is a great player and probably making a better life out of YouTube than being a pro the way YouTube is going these days. That’s when I played against him when he was at Team Solent. Danny Webb probably knows him, Danny was probably top geezer around Solent uni, like he is at Weymouth. As for stadiums probably the best I’ve played at has been Weymouth. I’ve played at St Mary’s but I’m not going to say there because the less the said about that football club the better! For the best I’ve been to has to be Fratton Park without a doubt, when AC Milan came down it was as good of an atmosphere as a packed out Wembley.

BN: Danny is definitely top geezer! Yeah I’m sure that night will live long in the memory of you and the rest of the Pompey fan base. Thank you very much for the interview Lloyd have a great new year.

LT: And a great new year to you too mate and to all the fans. Up the Terras!

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