Club Physiotherapist, Tori Coltart caught up with in our latest Who Are Ya?.

BN: Good evening Tori, hope you are well, first of all after our positive result against Salisbury, what is the mood in the camp like?

TC: Yeah all the lads are buzzing after Saturday. It’s nice to get a win and show Weymouth are back again with such a dominant performance. It was also great to see the spirit of the team come through.

BN: As the Weymouth physio I’m sure people would want to know, what got you into physiotherapy?

TC: As a younger girl I was heavily into athletics and I used to get injured all the time. Hamstrings, calves, you name it. So I saw a physio who got me back to full fitness and after being out for about 2 years through injury I found it really inspirational and I said to myself that if I wasn’t going to be a pro athlete then I want to become a physio and here I am today.

BN: So what are the main injuries you come across in football and treat?

TC: So the main injuries you come across in football are soft tissue injuries for example hamstrings etc however we work really hard with the lads on their pre-hab and we have very minimal hamstring injuries in the squad which is great. Ankle injuries are quite common, specifically rolled ankles if the pitch isn’t up to scratch and mostly towards the end of the season, fatigue and tendonitis.

BN: So you have your own physiotherapy business, do you treat others than just the players?

TC: Yeah well I’m based at the BLS and I’m open during the week to members of the public and I’m more than happy to treat Weymouth youth players and they always have lots of questions about the first team which is lovely to hear.

BN: That’s great to hear so has anyone ever asked you about physiotherapy education wise maybe wanting to further their knowledge of the area and maybe pursue a career in the field?

TC: Yeah definitely, so quite a few of the under 16 players when they finish their GCSE’s and they ask questions such as, what route did you take to become a physio? There is lots of things you have to do like get good grades so work hard at school kids.

BN: So we’ve asked this question quite a lot in this feature and trying to see what is the team favourite. What is your favourite celebration in the celebration box?

TC: Haha tough question. Im not really a celebration kind of girl but I do like the Maltesers one but taking of celebrations my favourite celebration is seeing Mark Moseley running down the touch line and jumping on the players and them jumping on him. I absolutely love seeing that.

BN: Good choice! You’re not a Bounty fan like Webby (Danny Webb) then?

TC: Oh god no I hate coconut. I tried it when I was 10 and threw up and never tried it since. I don’t understand how he likes them.

BN: So just as a final question, how would you like to be remembered either in work or general life?

TC: Oh another tough question, that’s really deep. I’d have to say, I would like to be known as someone who helped others, and in terms of sport, exercise and athletes; I would like someone to say “Tori is that physio that helped me back from injury” just as I was with my physio when I was younger. Up the Terras!

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