Jordan Ngalo spoke to in our latest Who Are Ya?

John Pritchard: We have seen you score a couple of great goals, can you tell us about your personal favourite so far for the Terras?

Jordan Ngalo: Probably my 1st goal last season, it was a good relief to get going at last!

JP: We have seen you play in a few different positions for the Terras, where do you prefer to lay and feel most comfortable?

JN: Centre midfield, that’s my position but I can be flexible, this season I’ve proven able to play in various positions!

JP: Yeah definitely! It’s great to have someone who is flexible and versatile which of course adds great squad depth! Can you tell us about some of your youth career? Teams you played for, things you won etc?

JN: To be honest I didn’t really have much of a youth football career, I have played for a local Sunday league team Eastney when I was about 11 possibly older, that was my first ever football team. Then I went on to play for Gosport U13 and then Havant & Waterlooville U14/15, after that took a few seasons out of football and got back playing again for my college team through there went on to play for England Schoolboys FA, with ESFA we had won the centenary shield, also during that year played for my county team won some trophies can’t remember what it was though unfortunately and that was my youth football career done.

JP: Short and sweet! Playing for ESFA is a great achievement! Did you have any personal aims at the start of the season? And what’s your aims for the rest of it after seeing how it’s going?

JN: Yeah short and sweet is the best way to describe it! I don’t really put that type of pressure on myself, because a lot of things can happen during the season that can affect your personal aim. However as the season is going I’d probably say keep fit til the end of the season and just keep improving.

JP: Having everyone fit will definitely boost the belief! How has your time at the club been so far? And was it an easy option to commit to the future?

JN: Yeah it’s been mostly good, there has been some highs and lows but yeah it was a pretty straightforward decision to test myself in this league.

JP: Always nice to know it was a straight forward decision! In the team what would you say you bring to the lads when not on the pitch? Banter, music, dress sense?

JN: I wouldn’t say any of those not gonna lie, I’m pretty quiet to say the least!

JP: Can imagine you like to be focused but relaxed at the same time. What do you like to get up to in your free time?

JN: Yeah I’m the chilled out one, maybe too chilled at times, I don’t really get much of that if I’m honest with you, but when I do catch up with friends, go out, Nando’s.

JP: Explains why you are so calm and collective on the ball then! Last one mate, how do you want to be remembered? Either in football or in life?

JN: In football I don’t really know to be honest, in life i think someone who lived their best possible life and more importantly I think he was extremely relaxed in any situation.

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