The always entertaining Ben Thomson spoke to John Pritchard from for our Terras Firsts feature.

John Pritchard: Can you tell us about the first position you played?

Ben Thomson: My first position was left wing, I used to be quick and direct (hard to believe now) and I’d run all day (even harder to believe now) then just ended up striker in my early 20s.

JP: What was the first goal you remember scoring for the Terras?

BT: There’s been too many goals to remember! One of my first goals I remember, was Dean Evans putting a cross in against Chippenham at Home which came down with snow on it and I headed into the bottom corner.

JP: Can you remember the first goal celebration you did?

BT: My first goal celebration Haha! I ran straight back to the half way line like I do now, I’ve always done that! Brandon Goodship dances around for 25 minutes which makes me shiver up and cringe, that’s never been me!

JP: What were the first pair of boots you owned?

BT: My first football boots I owned were a pair of gola studs. I’d wear them with jeans, to bed.. everywhere!

JP: Who was your first footballing hero?

BT: I don’t actually watch football to be fair so never really had a footballing hero, Eric Cantona for the bloke he flying kicked in the crowed that time… you can’t not call him a hero for having the bottle to do that! I’ve always liked Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer for that fight they had on the pitch with each other when they were both on the same team! Half the Weymouth team can relate to that with Calvin Brooks I should imagine!

JT: What was the first time you knew the Terras where interested in you?

BT: Coops joined Weymouth from Frome where we both played together and then Jason Matthews rang me up one evening and it was just an easy decision for me then, four years later and some very weird team mates I’ve met along the way, I’m still here!

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