MARK Molesley says there is plenty of hard work going on behind the scenes and says the club ‘have some good irons in the fire’ as he discusses strengthening his Weymouth side during the close season.

The Terras have not yet announced a new signing, although they have extended the stays of 11 players from last season.

Molesley said: “I think it probably seems like it has been fairly quiet with our transfer activity at the moment but there is plenty of hard work going on behind the scenes and we have certainly got some good irons in the fire at the moment.

“To now come into the group you have got to be the right fit.

“Obviously the attitude, and the character is so important to come into our changing room we have got to make sure we get that right and they have also got to be a very good standard as well to add to our group.

“We have got a very good squad in place already, these players are hard to find because we are very specific in what we want but we are certainly making some good headway at the moment.”

Molesley also discussed the priority of securing players from last year’s squad and the Terras’ boss does not feel any need for massive change in personnel.

Molesley said: “I think first and foremost, we thought about securing everyone that we needed to, that has gone fantastically well for us, not only last season but over the two seasons.

“It is about keeping the squad together, there is no need for any big change.

“I think will be a 20 or 30 per cent swing in the squad I don’t think there will be too much. I feel that we have got a great group around us.

“I think they are all young enough, hungry enough and I feel that there is still a lot more to come from the group.

“It is about now adding a few bits of quality to further enhance the group.”

Molesley also emphasised the importance of the character and attitude of the squad, with the camaraderie of the Weymouth squad regularly very evident at matches.

Molesley said: “The sort of people that we are trying to bring in to the squad will fit right in because they are similar characters to what we have already got in there, if they have got the right work ethic, the right attitude that is the most important thing for us.

“We are a tight-knit group and the character and the attitude needs to be right.

“I feel that we are speaking to the right sort of people and we are looking to bring in the right sort of people into the club.”

At time of writing Weymouth are yet to sign a new player, with 11 retained.

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