MARK Molesley says the National League South is the toughest it has ever been, and is looking forward to leading his Weymouth side into their campaign in the sixth tier.

The Terras will, at the time of writing, face Aldershot Town, a club Molesley had a two-year spell at prior to joining the Terras.

Discussing the National League South challenge, Molesley told Echosport: “I’m really excited.

“I think it is the toughest the league has ever been, with the amount of full-time teams, there is some big financial clout in there.

“That only adds fuel to our fire and it is going to be a challenge and we will embrace it. We are going to be playing in the toughest the league has ever been. It is a great thing. We enjoy a challenge, we are definitely looking forward to it.”

Molesley emphasised the importance of hitting the ground running and establishing themselves in the league, but says the challenge will bring the best out of his team.

He said: “It is important that we hit the ground running and try and establish ourselves in the league as early as we can because if you get it wrong this league can spit you out as quickly as you got into it.

“We have got to make sure that we are working hard and continue to look to improve. That has always been our attitude from day one, how can we be better and that is what we will carry on doing.

“I’m sure the challenge will bring the best out of the boys.”

Molesley also discussed former club Aldershot and says it is one of the games he will look for first.

Molesley said: “That will be great, obviously Aldershot are a club that I have got the greatest respect for and personally it will be one of the games I look for first.

“When I am going to go back there, because I had some great times there and share some very special memories so one I am looking forward to going back to.

“It is a great, great club with great fans so I am looking forward to that one.

“I look forward to all of the games and I look forward to the challenges ahead.”

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