Upon hearing of Brandon Goodship’s call up to the England C Team, Billy Neale from theterras.com caught up with the Terras’ and Southern League’s top scorer.

Bily Neale: First of all congratulations on your call up. How does it feel?

Brandon Goodship: It’s a surreal feeling to be called up, representing my national team. It’s a proud feeling not just for me, but for my whole family and my teammates and the club.

BN: Yeah what an achievement! It’s obviously every English players dream to play for their country. How did you find out about the call up?

BG: I had a few notifications come through about it on my phone and obviously I was delighted. I’ve always said it’s a great achievement to wear the three lions on the chest no matter what you’re doing. I can’t wait.

BN: Definitely. So did you think it was a prank call when your phone went off?

BG: I thought it was Thommo (Ben Thomson) at first! I thought he was winding me up but his banter is terrible.

BN: A few players have spoke about his terrible banter! Like you said it’s a proud achievement for your whole family. Have you spoken to your family about it yet?

BG: Yeah I’ve had my mum, dad, brother and sister on the phone. They’re delighted for me and I’m delighted for them.

BN: Finally, you’re the only step 3 player to be representing England C that’s got to be an achievement in itself hasn’t it?

BG: Yeah it’s amazing but it’s a credit to everyone involved at Weymouth. My teammates, the coaching staff and the fans it’s an honour to represent them.

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