ASHLEY Wells says that reaching 300 games for Weymouth is “a big honour” which he achieved when he came on a substitute during the 3-2 win at Hendon.

Wells replaced Yemi Odubade in the 87th minute to reach the milestone for the club that he grew up watching and supporting.

Wells said: “It is a big honour. I am very proud to wear the Weymouth top.

“Watching them as a kid and growing up supporting them to then play 300 games is great.”

Asked about his feelings as he was about to come on, during the Hendon game, Wells admitted he had been keeping an eye on his number of appearances, but was not sure if manager Mark Molesley knew.

Wells said: “I have kept an eye on how many appearances I have had. I am always ticking them off hoping I get a bit closer to that milestone, but I don’t honestly think Moles knew so obviously I knew about it and then when he told me to warm up and that I was going on I would have liked to play a bigger part in the game but when called upon I will do what I need to do.

“It was quite exciting, knowing that I was going to reach my target of 300 games, so it was quite a good moment.”

The fans’ reaction to Wells hitting the milestone has been positive, and Wells appreciates the support.

Wells said: “I know that I am quite well-liked by the fans and obviously I am happy with that, they like me for a reason.

“They know that I will always give 110% whenever I play, and just to be appreciated by them, they pay money to come and watch and at the end of the day I play football and obviously I want to do well, but then I also want that team to do well.

“For the fans they are like me, supporting Weymouth, you want to just see your club win games and progress and win titles – that is what every fan wants.”

Wells, referring to the Hendon match, light-heartedly added: “I was a bit annoyed with Calvin (Brooks) because I got round him near the end, and I would have shot and I probably wouldn’t have scored but you know.”

Wells says he will do anything to help his team hit their targets, which he admits is winning the league and earning promotion, with Weymouth now four points behind leaders Taunton Town with a game in hand.

Wells said: “Any time I have to play whether it is 90 minutes or one minute I will always do my best and try and help the team get over the line and get that win. It is towards our team’s target, we all want to get promoted, we want to win the league. So anything I can do to help the team achieve that I will do.”

Asked about what matches stand out in his time at the Bob Lucas Stadium, Wells highlighted games against Kettering Town and Slough, but admitted Weymouth’s play-off semi-final defeat to King’s Lynn last season sticks out.

Wells said: “One that I remember quite fondly is the Kettering game, when we won 3-2 and I think we won it in the 80th minute.

“I remember just going mad with the fans behind the goal. That one sticks with me, another was probably Slough last year when we beat them 1-0. It was a great team performance and obviously it put us toward our play-off place but it wasn’t meant to be. Then there is King’s Lynn that sticks with me for all the wrong reasons but I have had some great games and it is something that I am proud of.”

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