Calvin Brooks talks to Josh Barton of as we look ahead to the run in, including tomorrow’s Dorset Derby at Wimborne. Wimborne Town away tomorrow. I’m assuming the mood is good as we head into this local derby at Cuthbury?

CB: Yes, the mood in the camp is always good, especially after coming off the back of 5 wins in a row we are raring to go. This is the first of our final nine games in our league campaign. It’s an old and well used cliché but is it very much one game at a time? 

CB: It’s exactly that, that’s all you control, your own result on the day. That’s all we’re focused on, winning our next game. What do you make of Wimborne and their achievements this season in what is their first year at this level?

CB: They have done well, they play a similar style of football to us, they like to get on the ball and control the game and they have some quality players. They are one of the toughest teams to beat away from home and it’s down to us to go there and impose our game onto them. After this game, your teammate Brandon Goodship goes off to play for England C at Salford City. All of the boys must be delighted for Goody in this latest achievement? 

CB: It’s a fantastic achievement, if anyone deserves that accolade it’s Brandon. He works so hard to be better every training session. He is a top, top quality player and a great guy. I believe he will go on to have a fantastic career in the game. Calvin, just a word on Ashley Wells who recently made his 300th appearance for the club. Incidentally, you are the second longest serving player at Weymouth as your draw closer towards your 250th appearance. That must also make you feel proud?

CB: Wellsy has earned his plaudits. 300 appearances for the club he grew up supporting is an amazing achievement. You need people like Ash around, he sets an example of how to conduct yourself as a player on and off the pitch. He is Mr reliable and will always give 100% again not just a great player but a great guy. 

Of course personally, approaching 250 games for the clubs at the age of 24, I do feel proud. I don’t think you play that many games without a certain level of consistency and professionalism and also to keep my self fit to play 50+ games a season. The only thing missing is that long awaited promotion, we have sacrificed so much in these last two years and now it’s time to finish the job.

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