Josh Wakefield spoke to John Pritchard from about some of his football firsts.

John Pritchard: Can you remember your first pair of boots?

Josh Wakefield: I’m sure my first pair of boots were some Copa Mundials, but the first pair I remember loving were some red and white Adidas F50s with what looked like Spider-Man webbing on the back! They were incredible.

JP: Can’t go wrong with Copa mundials or F50s, both classics! What about your first position?

JW: I started out as a left midfield player / central midfield, at my team when I was a kid we played 5 in midfield and I played left mid or the left of the 3 in the middle so I’ve always played quite central really and in midfield. As I got older I became slower and slower so the wing is no place for me anymore!

JP: Can you tell us about your first football memory?

JW: Would have to be playing in the bright orange kit of Elmfield FC on the Isle of Wight when I was around 8, we had a pretty useful side actually!

JP: That’s brilliant mate! Can you tell us about your first football trophy?

JW: First football trophy must have been for winning a league/cup. I’m not sure if it was my first trophy but I think the Easter tournament held in Shanklin would have been close to my first trophy! It’s a 5 a side tournament for kids but was great fun

JP: Can you remember finding out Weymouth’s first interest in you joining?

JW: Yeah I was just sat at home and the manager called me up and asked me if I wanted to come down to the pre-season a day before it started, I did explain that I was in no fit state at the time, I had become a bit disillusioned by football and wasn’t planning on playing it again really, but I’m very happy he did call and that I’m playing again! Although that first pre-season wasn’t much fun, I think everyone overtook me on the runs a few times!

JP: That’s great to hear that he managed to change your mind and get you playing again! After all the awards you have won this season, player or the month, goal of the month hopefully that keeps you wanting to play! Can you remember your first experiences in professional football in and around Bournemouth?

JW: Yeah my first experience as a pro at Bournemouth would have to be my debut really! I was in my second year in the youth team and got called up to be on the bench for the 1st team against Scunthorpe! It was arguably one of the best days of my life! Got about 25 mins and I’ve still got the boots / shirt now.

JP: Can you tell us about your first funny story that comes to mind about the current Terras team?

JW: One funny story that i can say is a certain Terras player ordered a lovely card for his partner from Moonpig for Valentine’s Day, and when it arrived he realised he forgot to change the default name on the front! I won’t name names but he our big bully striker!

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