John Pritchard: We have seen on social media all the support you have received, did that help you going into your recent adventure with England?

Brandon Goodship: Yeah for sure. I was very excited for the opportunity leading up to it and everyone’s support just boosted that. I received a lot of nice messages and I won’t forget that.

JP: That’s brilliant mate! Yep we were all wishing you the best! Can you tell us about your experience? Did it feel a bit surreal?

BG: Yeah it was amazing you know. You’re treated so well by everyone, everything is done for you and it gives you a little taste as to what it must be like at the top level! Obviously there was a very good quality of players and it was nice to play with some of the better players of the National League.

JP: Must have been great, well deserved! How were you feeling when you got told you were coming on?

BG: It was just pure excitement if I’m honest. I asked the fourth official how long was left because I just wanted to come on and make an impact, unfortunately that wasn’t the case but still a very good night for me and my family!

JP: Yeah definitely! Looking at the photos, your mum etc definitely looked proud! Now coming back to Weymouth, how are you feeling going into the final stage and going for the final push?

BG: Yeah we have a very good feel in the camp at the moment. We’ve won 5 of our last 6 and have 3 clean sheets in a row. We’re taking it game by game and that starts with Swindon on Saturday where we’re hoping for a big crowd to get behind us for this last big push of the season!

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