John Pritchard: On a personal note, how do you feel the season went for you?

Harry Baker: Personally it was up and down, very limited chances for me this year, didn’t play much football but when you got the the strikers we have in Goody and Thommo it was always going to be hard but we end up champions and that’s the main thing!

JP: Yeah of course you want to be playing! However with the limited time, when called upon you was brilliant, you scored a number of important goals, Wimborne and Salisbury I’m sure come to mind, what’s the feeling when they go in?

HB: The best feeling you can imagine! To be fair the goal against Salisbury was a very special moment for me!

JP: With the such close bond between the players, I bet you have made new friends for life, I’m sure you guys will keep in touch and will lookout for each other’s results.

HB: Friends for life is definitely the words! I’ve never had such a bond with a group of players and Wellsy! We’re off on holiday in the Summer, one guy I won’t keep in contact with is Josh Wakefield (Wild Child).

JP: That’s brilliant mate! All deserve it! Throughout your time with the terras can you highlight your best memory?

HB: When the final whistle went and we were champions! We all got what we deserved because everyone put so much effort in.

JP: That’s brilliant mate, anything you would like to add?

HB: Would just like to say thank you to the Weymouth fans, staff and players for everything!

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