WEYMOUTH hosted their annual youth tournament that saw 90 teams flock to the Bob Lucas Stadium for those ranging from under-seven to under-15 for the two-day event.

Teams from across the south ventured down to the Bob Lucas Stadium, and were greeted with fantastic conditions for the two day event.

Weymouth saw success as they won the under-11 plate, the under-12 cup as well as the under-14 and 15 plate, as well as a host of runners-up positions.

There was also a barbecue provided, as well as other fun activities for the players in attendance.

Josh Barton, a director at Weymouth FC, said: “All of the teams seemed to really enjoy the tournament, it has expanded massively.

“As a club it is something that we are proud of because it has developed massively over the years we have done it and it is just an event really where the kids from Weymouth and and the surrounding areas can come and play at the Bob Lucas Stadium, a brilliant non-League sporting venue and really enjoy the day.”

Barton added: “Just credit to our youth section really, Michelle and Paul Tapper, and also one of our directors Mark Golsby I know they all put a lot of time effort and energy into producing a really good day for the kids.

“It really is not something that happens overnight, there is a lot of planning that goes into these things.

“In a way it is more difficult than preparing a match day for the first team really but the fact is everybody really enjoyed it and we look forward to next year.”

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