John Pritchard: On a personal note, how did the season go for you?

Jake McCarthy: Personally I think this season was a very enjoyable and successful one! I achieved my highest scoring season, knocking in a few whoo witzlers into the bin and also managed to get a good amount of assists as well. I was very pleased to be able to play in every league game and contribute to the team as much as I could. The aim at the start of the year was promotion and I knew we had enough talent in our changing room to win the league, so it was not a surprise for me when we did!

JP: You definitely had a good season, we saw you play in numerous positions aswell down through the middle which is always great to have in a player! Going on from your whoo witzlers, what’s been the best goal you’ve scored this season?

JM: Yeah I played the majority of start of season at CB then rest of season was in CM unless there was a injury or two. I feel I’m comfortable in either position, so doesn’t effect me where I play, aslong as I can help the team out. The best goal I’ve scored this season would have to my goal against Harrow Borough at home, it was about 23 yards out maybe further, shifted it onto the left Peggy Mitchell and stuck in top left, keeper waved at it but that’s all he could do! I Remember Wako telling me to shoot 2 minutes before so I did!

JP: Yeah what a goal, believe it made goal on the month! As an overall the season was a complete high, what was your best moment of the season?

JM: Yeah I believe it was! The best moment of the season would have to be the amount of relief I felt when that first goal went in against Farnborough, we had a tough few games and it all going down to the last really added to the pressure. Lifting the trophy was a great high for myself as well, the first time captaining a side to winning the league, with such a great group of lads made it really special!

JP: I’m sure everyone from fans, staff and players all felt the same! Then for Goody and Thommo to make it 3 couldn’t of been any better! Have you started to look towards next season yet? What’s the aims?

JM: Yeah the first goal was the biggest relief, but when the 2nd and 3rd went in I knew it was party time! Yeah I always have a really good off season fitness wise and look to come back in the best possible shape. Personally I think next season we will do well, I definitely do not expect to be fighting to stay up put it like that. I’ve played in the league before when I was 17 and didn’t notice much of a difference to the one we have just got promoted from. Aims will we to start well as a team and for me personally to maintain my place in the team and try to play as many games as possible next season again to help the team reach the heights I know we can. I fully believe with the players we have we can be up there again!

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