Josh Barton: Obviously last season must’ve been a frustrating one for you but you must be looking forward to hitting the ground running in the next campaign?

Josh McQuoid: Last season was a big disappointment for me personally. I’ve never been out that long with a injury. So now I am fit, I’m itching to get back!

JB: Was it an easy decision to rejoin the club for the coming season?

JM: Yes it was a very easy decision for me! Everyone at the club has stuck by me and done things they didn’t have to for me. You don’t often see that kind of loyalty at this level. So I want to show that loyalty back and show my worth for the upcoming season.

JB: Brilliant and we look forward to keeping a player of your quality. You featured in the final game of the season and the boys got over the line. What was the feeling of winning that league like?

JM: Obviously towards the end of the season we went through a bit of a sticky patch. It really should of never come down to the final game with the quality we have. So it was a mix of emotions, mainly just buzzing but part of you does feel relief that we eventually done it! But wouldn’t be as fun if we didn’t do it the hard way!!

JB: That’s true and it certainly kept the interest going! How far to you think we can go next season?

JM: That’s something we haven’t discussed as a team yet. So I’m sure once the team is together then we will set out a plan and goals for next season. But I don’t see why we have to put any limits on ourselves with the quality we have.

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