TOM Prodomo says the Weymouth shirt “isn’t just handed to anybody” when referring to the Terras’ transfer activity.

Weymouth have so far retained the signatures of Mark Childs, Calvin Brooks, Callum Buckley, Ashley Wells, Stephane Zubar, Jake McCarthy, Josh McQuoid, Cameron Murray, Jordan Ngalo, Josh Wakefield and Ben Thomson.

However, the Terras have lost striker Brandon Goodship, who left Weymouth to join League One Southend United on Monday evening.

Prodomo says the club have always gone about their business quietly, but added that the shirt comes with responsibility.

He told Echosport: “I think everyone at this time of year is constantly looking at all these different things for updates but I think that we have always gone about our business very quietly.

“We are pleased with how things are progressing and ultimately I think the most important thing is that the Weymouth shirt isn’t just handed to anybody, it is a privilege to wear, it is a heavy shirt to wear it comes with responsibility.

“We will be bringing in players that deserve that opportunity to do so.”

Prodomo highlighted the importance of doing their due diligence, and referenced how they get as much information as possible.

Prodomo said: “I think we are professional in everything that we do and that includes having as much information on players as we can.

“Having seen them play throughout the year, having spoken to people that have worked with them and gaining more information about their character because it is a very demanding environment to come into.

“We expect a lot of our players and they expect a lot back from us so it is important that we do our due diligence.”

Prodomo says he is excited about the challenges ahead but admit there are no particular fixtures that stand out for him.

Prodomo, when asked if there are any particular fixtures he is looking forward to, replied: “No fixtures in particular.

“Obviously from a personal point of view it is not a level of football I have worked before, so I am really excited for the challenges ahead.

“Obviously with that for everyone involved comes some new grounds or reacquainting themselves with ones we have not visited for a while. So we are really excited to get going and it is coming around quickly now.”

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