You’ve had a recent loan spell with Blackfield & Langley. How useful was that in terms of getting back to form with Weymouth?

Jordan Ngalo: I think it has helped a lot. It has helped in terms of confidence and fitness. It is good to be back and I feel good, I feel a lot sharper and it’s good to be back with the boys here at Weymouth. As you said, back with Weymouth now and we are in good form. Exciting times?

JN: It is very exciting! It was quite nerving coming back to be fair as we were already on a 4 game-winning run! I’m just thinking to myself, “I don’t want to mess up here!” It is a good group here and there is some real quality within the squad so I am really excited. Talk us through the 4th goal against St Albans. That run you went on to set Yemi up… Wow!

JN: It wasn’t too bad was it? I just had a thought and looked and I had space and time. When I ended up crossing the ball in and I saw Yemi put it in the net, it was a great feeling hearing the crowd! Obviously, the most important thing also was that it ensured our place in the next round and for this big game on Saturday. We are building up to a big FA Cup game on Saturday. There should be a big crowd and the Bob Lucas Stadium should be at it’s best. Your thoughts ahead of the game?

JN: Yes it’s a big game for us as you said, the FA Cup is always a special occasion. Hopefully we can make it a day to remember come Saturday.

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