The Backroom team

A new feature as we look at Mark Molesley’s coaching staff. We find out a bit more about their football journey and ask them about their experiences with the Terras. This week we spoke to Weymouth Physiotherapist Ben Hayes. Ben, you joined the club at the end of last season and you have been in your role at Weymouth for a few months now. How have you found it?

Ben Hayes: Yes, it’s going really well. To be honest it was a bit of an eye-opener. I’ve been at some good clubs previously but when you look at Weymouth and how professional everything is and how much expectation there is, it does make you pleased to be part of it. I look at things based on percentages and if I’m doing well in my department and others are doing well in theirs, it all adds up to make a brilliant team. Tell us about your journey in football. I understand you’ve played the game at a decent standard?

BH: Ironically I actually only stopped playing because of stupid injuries! So I captained the team at university down in Plymouth and worked with some of the teams down there. I played for Hook and have also played near enough every sport you can think of. Due to injuries, the playing side had to come to an end but I stayed in the game and found something I was passionate about, physiotherapy. Can you tell us a bit about your career. You have recently expanded your business?

BH: We started the business when I left the NHS around 2 years ago. I learnt everything there. We started a little clinic and treated maybe 5-10 people a week, it’s led on to building a brand new health facility down there at the David Lloyd Clinic. We’ve got everything from physios, chiropractors, dieticians, sports masseuses, holistic masseuses and we do cover a vast range of health care services that do look after people. We’ve gone from treating 5 people a week to 120 a week and it keeps going up looking at the stats! I guess we must be doing something right haha! Expanding your branch down to Weymouth perhaps?

BH: That’s the plan! We actually looked at it and there’s not an awful lot going on there in terms of what we do. We are looking at branching out around the South and seeing what we can do. We’ve already got a link with Robbie Yates and Between the Sticks which also obviously links in perfectly with Weymouth. How much do things vary in terms of the sort of people you treat in your day to day job, comparing with your role as a football team physio?

BH: It can range from someone with chronic lower back pain to a gentleman who can’t go gardening! It can be someone with an injury which results in them not being able to complete daily tasks to a footballer who wants to play at the highest standard possible. The rules of physio don’t change though in that you are there to make people’s lives easier in whatever they are doing. I’m up at 5.30 and then I’m often at training until 10 pm but you do it because you’re passionate about it. Have you had a nice welcome from fans and people around the club since your arrival?

BH: As I said, I’ve been at other clubs and have always been aware of how big the crowds are at Weymouth. I actually remember a Poole vs Weymouth fixture and I ran on to treat Jordan Seabright when he was playing for Poole right in front of the Weymouth fans. They shouted some stuff at me let’s just say! Now though, I’m on the other side and everyone has been great from the Chairman and Directors to the fans and other staff. I’m really enjoying it.

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