This week, Josh Barton of spoke to Charlie Davis, who like the rest of us, is itching for the start of the new season!

Josh Barton: Hi Charlie, have you had a good summer?

Charlie Davis: Yes thank you, this summer was very good but I’m glad to be back into the swing of things now.

JB: With Wimborne on Saturday being our last friendly, how have you rated pre-season as a whole?

CD: I think pre-season has been good for us and there have been some hard tests and variety in the tests we have faced, there is still work to be done but we are pleased with the work we have done.

JB: Are you now just itching to get into a competitive game and get the league campaign started for the Terras?

CD: Yes definitely, there is nothing better than competing for 3 points and it’s what it is all about so bring on that first game!

JB: Terras fans have disputed what your best position is. Where have you always felt most comfortable on the pitch?

CD: I would be interested to hear their opinions on that! I personally think central midfield is my best position, a bit of a deeper role as I like to see things in front of me and try to join in attacks etc late on. If not in that position then as a number 10.

JB: This is going to be your second season at Weymouth, what are you targeting from a personal point of view?

CD: Being my second season I really want to achieve something with the club and the group we have. Personally, I want to hit double figures again and start as many games as I can but I think there is one objective that everyone around the club wants!

JB: Have you been impressed with Mark Molesley’s close season signings? Who has stood out in pre-season?

CD: I have been impressed with the signings yes but I knew Moles would bring in good players. I’ve been impressed with people for different reasons, new and old players. The thing that has stood out the most for me is how quickly the team has seemed to gel on and off the pitch.

JB: How much of a difference could the Weymouth supporters make to the team this season?

CD: The supporters play a huge part and sometimes I don’t know if the fans realise just how much of an impact they have. It seems at the moment there is a feel-good factor around the club and if that continues with the good crowds, it will only drive the players more.

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