In our latest player interview, we talk to Yemi Odubade. Yemi talks to us about keeping fit and active during lockdown, his best memories and his relationship with the fans.

JB: Thank you for joining us Yemi. How are you managing to cope in these times and what are you doing to keep as busy as you can?

Yemi Odubade: Well it’s unprecedented as to what’s been going on with Covid-19 and how hard it has hit everyone and everything. It hasn’t been easy adjusting to the lockdown. It takes a lot of self discipline, and with time you manage to find a routine. Keeping myself fit by doing daily workouts, reading and walks with the wife. We are very grateful we live next to a golf course so it’s nice to go for a potter.

JB: Just talk to us a bit more about keeping fit and active. You run Appropriate Fitness. Can you tell us about that and how easy it is for anyone to access?

YO: Yes I believe that everyone should be doing some sort of physical activity or just being more active in general. I run my own personal training business Appropriate Fitness. It’s so important not just for people’s physical health but for their mental health, especially during these times. I’ve been posting workouts and live streams which you can find on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

JB: That’s excellent. Has the take up been good during lockdown?

YO: Yes especially with my live workouts! Quite a few of the footy lads have been taking part. I’ve even got Tom Prodomo to get involved this Saturday morning!

JB: That’s great that they are getting involved. We hope to have you on the podcast soon so we don’t want to give too much away. Can you talk us though, what’s your favourite memory in a Terras shirt so far?

YO: Looking forward to it! My favourite memory would definitely have to be that goal (against Farnborough)! The scenes were something I will never ever forget. Just the whole day and evening was just amazing to be apart of.

JB: I’ve watched it numerous times since and I nearly always shed a tear I’m not afraid to say. What is the one thing you miss the most in this period?

YO: One thing I’ve missed is football to be honest. Playing first and foremost, but watching, listening, everything. Just makes you realise how important sport is in general for everyone all over the world. Besides that, I think that without our health we wouldn’t be able to enjoy sport. That is why we all need to stick together and be safe, and look after each other during these times.

You can join in with Yemi’s workout on his instagram page tomorrow at 10am:

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