Manager Mark Molesley gives us his thoughts on the season being cancelled. He also talks about his pride in our achievements and he gives Terras fans advice on staying busy and active.

Season cancelled but no clearer on how it’ll end.

To be honest I think we knew this sort of conclusion was coming, the longer things went on the more difficult it was going to get. It’s disappointing that it looks like we won’t be able to finish off the season but it’s always been about preparing to return in the best way we can, whether that be finishing the current season or moving onto the next season.

It has been said many times but these are such unusual and unprecedented times so nobody is sure when this will end and that’s why it’s tricky to get too down about football right now.

There is still uncertainty on just how the league will finish. We may be looking at Points Per Game, Null and Void, finishing with the play-offs or maybe other options.

Who knows? One thing is for sure, we will prepare for anything that is presented to us. In the meantime, health comes first and that is the most important thing.

Views on our first season back in the National League South in almost a decade.

We don’t often get a chance to sit down and reflect but looking at it we have done very well and worked really hard to get to where we are. My players and staff don’t leave a stone unturned and that reflects when you look at our results. Credit to everyone at the club for what has been a great first season back in the National League for quite some time.

Obviously, we don’t stop there though and we are continuing to prepare in the best way we can. We were the new kids on the block this season. Many pundits and experts didn’t give us much hope at the start of the season. We continue to prove the doubters wrong both on and off the pitch.

We’ve had to wrestle with many key injuries to the squad. The most recent game against Slough was the first time in a long time that we had nearly every player available. The only player missing was Cameron Murray.

We’ve had a great season, it’ll be another one that we can look back on with pride. The players have been magnificent and my staff have been completely selfless in all their efforts. The hard work will always continue and we will be looking back at what we’ve done.

Keeping in contact with the players and staff

The players have been given home training programmes. Our physio Ben Hayes has given them instructions on how to keep in shape and primed in these times. We have a good group and we stay in touch. We’ve tried being as creative as we physically can and we’ve made it as competitive as we can with leaderboards and tasks.

We have been having weekly staff meetings on Zoom and they will continue as we build up to an eventual restart. Our analyst Danny Webb is busier than ever before as we sift through footage. Despite not being able to kick a football, it doesn’t mean that you take your mind off football.

Myself and my staff are always looking at how to improve the squad and how we move forward. As a club, we are in good shape for whenever we can safely return.

Yemi’s workout and other ways of staying active

It is brilliant and urge people to get involved. Whether it be 10 minutes, the whole time, anything. These ventures are a great way if keeping busy and active.

It’s been great to see the players join in but not only the players. Anyone can join in with something like that. Not only is it good to keep active physically. It’s just as important to keep active mentally.

Yemi’s Appropriate Fitness pages can be found on Instagram and Facebook.

Take Two and ways for everyone to get involved.

The success of the Take Two feature has been fantastic to see. We have got the Farnborough game coming up next week and it will be a nice way for us all to look back on what was a fantastic day in the recent history of our Football Club. Please continue to support this feature and help the club in these times.

Credit to the guys on the media team who are keeping things ticking over by producing this brilliant work.

With the Farnborough game, it will be good because I’m sure many of us might struggle to remember certain bits after the night out that followed!

Honestly it’s a great idea and hopefully we can keep it going and continue to raise valuable funds for the club. We also have the podcasts and other ventures going on to keep people busy. If any supporter has any idea, the club want to hear about it.

A message to the supporters.

The support that we have had this season has been incredible. You stand by us and you help us get to where we all want to be.

That support is as important now whilst football isn’t being played. It is also very important that that if you are feeling low or wanting someone to talk to then please talk to each other and look after each other.

Speak to anyone at the club and have a chat as we all need to be there for each other, especially in these uncertain times. This is a family at Weymouth and these times are tricky. I urge everyone to stay safe and well. Keep coming up with ideas to stay busy.

When this is all over we will be ready to welcome everyone back to the Bob Lucas Stadium.

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