Terras Hall of Famer Stewart Yetton joined Ben Ashelford for Terras Podcast #6, here are the highlights for those of you that missed it. The full podcast, also including Tom Prodomo & Ben Thomson is still available here.

BA: I’m going to start with the 2007 F.A Vase if that’s OK, can you tell us about the build-up to that game, were you nervous?

SY: Going back, it’s quite a time ago now, but oddly the semi-final was worse because the fear of not going to Wembley was worse than any fear of the day itself. We were already one down on aggregate and to get so close we were petrified of missing out one hurdle before, so I’d probably say that yes, I was far more nervous of the semi-final than of the game itself.

BA: Were you a nervous player, do you get many nerves before a game?

SY: (Laughs) I wouldn’t say I am nervous but I do get excited as some of my old teammates would probably attest that I was somebody that would be in the toilet for most of the pre-match build-up, but I would say it was adrenaline and excitement and I used that to enable myself. I’ve been at a couple of clubs where they’ve moved my name badge from my hook to the toilet so yeah, I wouldn’t say nervousness but definitely excitement.

BA: You are still playing but you’ve also taken on a coaching role?

SY:  I’d started playing more locally with Tiverton and Plymouth Parkway and then I got a call from Paul Wotton, who is an old friend of mine of many years, he’d just taken over as manager at Truro and he wanted me to go down there and be his assistant and be part of the squad, it was too good an opportunity for me to turn down the chance to learn from him. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do anyway to coach or manage, so I couldn’t say no.

He’s great to learn from, I know that Mark Molesley is meticulous in his preparation and planning, I still have contact with one or two of the boys still at the club and they speak very highly of him and his coaching, “Wottsy” is very similar, he’d been assistant at Plymouth Argyle and got very good coaching badges so it’s too good for me not to go there and learn while I’m still hanging on for ten minutes here and there.

BA: Do you learn from your managers over the course of your career? What’s Stewart Yetton’s managerial style going to be?

SY: From my day job I’ve got experience of managing people for many years and then from a football perspective I’m the first person who likes to have a laugh and a joke and a mess around and not take myself too seriously; but people know that when it comes to the actual training or winning matches that means everything to me, it’s about getting results. So I would like to think that if I get that opportunity that I will be someone that people respect but also when the final whistle goes its an enjoyable atmosphere to be around, I’ve been to some places where it is too serious all the time and that becomes draining after a while so it is a question of finding that balance.

BA: Would you say that you are more “Old School” or do you like the Sports Science and the way that the game has developed?

SY: When I was at Argyle I loved that professionalism of doing things properly and today that has developed even more. Not so much for me off the pitch these days but I think at our level and above you won’t be successful unless you use on everything.

When you see at Weymouth how the club is run on the pitch and off the pitch as well as on it is not matched by many clubs. We would look to model ourselves at Truro to be like Weymouth and aspire to be like them as a club as I know it is done very well.

BA: I can hear that you still have a lot of affection for Weymouth haven’t you?

SY: I played at Weymouth in my peak years, I was maybe a bit immature when I arrived, but becoming captain and having three and a half great years there, we didn’t manage to win the title or anything, just a few senior cups but I left there as a better person. Weymouth is a place that I’m really fond of and in terms of non-league, it’s still the first result I look out for.

BA: Any final thoughts?

SY: I’m not sure what is going to play out with the league etc but hopefully if there are playoffs, I hope Weymouth are successful and if not then I’m sure they will be there or thereabouts come the end of the season, and when I can I will be up to watch. So all the best for the future and hopefully our paths will cross again soon as we (Truro) get promoted. Keep up the good work with the podcasts, just another thing that shows how far the club has come!

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