‘It is a huge honour to captain this side…I’ve got every confidence in the team that we are going to do well.’

Captain, Josh McQuoid speaks to Amberley Silk about the upcoming season, their goals and the absence of fans.

Amberley Silk (AS): Firstly, how does it feel to be starting the season in the National League in just a couple of days time?

Josh McQuoid (JM): It’s exciting. It feels like it’s been forever since we last played a league game, so it will be nice to get going again.

AS: You’re captaining the side in the top-flight of non-league football, how does that feel? How do you feel about the squad that you have behind you?

JM: I’ve always said what a huge honour it is to Captain this side. To do it in the league above and test ourselves against better sides, is what we all want and I’ve got every confidence in the team that we are going to do well.

AS: Confidence that the team will do well, can definitely be backed after a great pre-season. Do you think that the team has done so well in these recent matches due to the drive for success or the introduction of new manager Brian Stock, or a combination of both?

JM: I think a bit of both… coming off the back of a promotion, everyone has the right to be confident and I think that has shown in pre-season. The gaffer coming in has also given us a boost, he has high standards and demands hard work. Everyone has bought into that and is enjoying it.

AS: He’s definitely made a great impact and the team’s hard work has paid off massively so far. Has he set any goals with the team for the upcoming season? Do you have any individually?

JM: I don’t ever really set personal goals. He hasn’t given us any, but I think that the main goal would be to stay in the league and finish as high as possible.

AS: It’s been a difficult couple of months without fans, they’ve missed out on the promotion and pre-season, and they’ll now miss out on the start of the season. How does it feel playing without them? And are you looking forward to having them back?

JM: It’s been strange without them; they are definitely missed. They gave us that extra boost, both at home and away and they have been a big part of our success! We are all looking forward to them coming back and creating that atmosphere we have all missed.

AS: Thank you, and good luck for tomorrow.

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