We can confirm that Brendan Willson will return to parent club Eastleigh this week, on expiry of his month-loan loan deal.


The Club had been in talks to extend the defender’s loan deal, but have not managed to reach an agreement with the National League side. Willson made four appearances during his time with us, scoring twice and helped keep two clean sheets.


Speaking to Dorset Echo Sport, manager Bobby Wilkinson said: “I’ve absolutely loved working with the youngster. I was desperate to keep him on loan with us to keep helping him. He’s been brilliant, he’s the sort of calibre that I like to bring to the football club. For a loanee to come in and do what he’s done, he deserves a lot of credit. Two goals in the four games and the last two home games, two clean sheets. I can’t thank him enough.

I’m very disappointed to lose him. Eastleigh are not extending. I truly wanted to work with him for another month or to the end of the season if I could. I can see something special in this lad and I think I could’ve helped him move up that ladder like I’ve done with the last few centre halves I’ve had.

Let’s not beat about the bush, we only have two defenders. One’s been ill (Matsuzaka) and he’ll play tomorrow in the cup. I’m truly disappointed because I’m trying to build something. This is why I don’t like loan players. People laugh at that, but this is what happens. You build a partnership and then it gets ripped up overnight. Listen, I can’t thank Eastleigh enough for allowing him to come with us, but I’m truly disappointed because I wanted to keep him.”


Everybody at Weymouth Football Club would like to thank Brendan for his contribution and effort during his time with us, and wish him the very best for the future!



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