CHAIRMAN Steve Mills described the impact made by Weymouth manager Mark Molesley as “mind blowing” so far.

Molesley, who is set to embark on his first full season in management with the Terras, will be working alongside a chairman who is also poised for his first campaign in the main hot seat at boardroom level.

And, with what has been produced on the field so far, Mills insists the new era for the future of Weymouth Football Club looks “extremely bright”.

Asked what it has been like to work with his new manager so far, the Weymouth director said: “Mind blowing.

“I thought I knew something about football, but when I speak to him I know nothing. He just oozes class.

“He has brought in his own fitness coach, we have analysts watching games and people watching the opposition as well.

“I don’t think we have ever had that before and I would never have dreamt 12 months ago that we would have a manager that has brought all of this in in such a short space of time.

“I am very impressed. I couldn’t be happier, to be honest.”

And with the new structure in place at the club, Mills insists there is a huge amount of positivity at the Bob Lucas Stadium ahead of the new campaign.

He added: “Weymouth fans are notoriously fickle but I have had nothing but positive vibes from every single one of them.

“You can understand why they have been fickle because of what they have been watching in the past few years. From what they are watching now, everybody has been very positive.”

Asked whether the board has set boss Molesley and his coaching staff a target for the campaign, Mills insisted the current set-up was part of a long-term project.

“We have told Mark what direction we want the club to go in. He is working on that,” he said.

“It’s a new start and it’s a new beginning.

“It’s very rare that someone comes into a club and changes things round, changes the style of play, adds a host of new players, with a new chairman who wants to take the club in a slightly different direction, and it clicks straight away.

“But with the way Mark wants to play football. The future is extremely bright.”

Photo: Steve Harris

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